Why Sprandiindia Footwear ?

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July 20, 2016

Why Sprandiindia Footwear ?

Sprandi comes with a wide variety of sports related products. We have awesome product line of well- structured and comfy shoes. Lifestyle shoes, Sports shoes and Earth shoes are the three major categories in which Sprandi deals in. Well-fitted shoes would not only help us carrying out with day to day chores but also helps us to enhance our performance with their indispensable support.

Your day to day life is full of activities and tasks; like exercising and running, rushing to work, working the whole day and lastly leisure time. To fulfill all these tasks you need proper gears, and this is where Sprandi comes to your aid.

Being an international brand, we understand consumer needs very well. Our designers and tech team closely work on the basis of customer feedback. Our shoes are technologically and innovatively designed. We have a range of designs that could provide all that your feet need and deserve.

Sprandi Spectrum

This technological line is dedicated to sports and exercises.  Shoes are tailor-made according to the type of sport.  These are light-weight, shock absorbers and are the perfect systems for foot arch support. These are professional sports shoes.

Sprandi Sport

This section is divided according to different sports, for example, football, volleyball, basketball etc. We have amazing performance based sports shoes line for teenagers, women and men. In the sports sphere, our brand is one of the most known and well-established brands in countries like Poland, Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

Earth Gear

Earth gear is a range for all those who like to travel even for leisure. This category includes perfect products for outdoor activities like skateboarding, trekking and climbing. Well-padded comfortable and light weighted shoes designed for all the spare-time activities.

Footwear is more than just padding for your shoes. They elevate your performances and keep you ahead.  With Sprandi be dynamic, go ahead and get what you want.

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